Accessible Travel Experiences & Disability Safaris

This is our special department that specializes in a deep knowledge and understanding of the communities, culture, natural environment and sustainability of our destinations for people with disabilities and elderly.

Our Accessible safari team enables people with access requirements, such as mobility, vision, hearing and cognitive dimensions to function independently and with equity and dignity through the pleasure of our experienced accessible safari, Beach holiday and accessible summit Kilimanjaro. We welcome slow walkers, wheelchair travelers, their families and their friends. We encourage people of all ages, cultures and nationalities to explore with us and discover the indigenous cultures, people, nature, landscape wildlife of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, among other unforgettable sights of our majestic continent.

Our tailor-made approach on accessible travel experiences and Disability safaris means we can create a truly unforgettable experience just for you. We know which hotels and lodges have truly accessible facilities and which attractions can be explored with minimal stress. Our destinations offer accessible travel experience and disabled wheelchair accessible safari holidays, but let us know where you would like to travel and we will advise you on the best options. We will also give you honest feedback on destinations we believe are unsuitable.

Dahlia Africa local knowledge and a great team on the ground are the essential ingredients for ensuring a trouble free trip. As specialists in Accessible Travel Experiences and Disability holidays, let us take away the logistical pressure and allow you to have the trip of a lifetime.

Accessible travel

We have a portfolio of the few best accessible hotels and lodges throughout Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda of which we can share information, description or photos for your reference and review. In case you require assistance with a check of a hotel or accommodation of your personal choice, please just reach out to us. We can speak the language, we can reach out through our network where we do not, and we know what questions to ask. We Have your accessible holiday accommodation guaranteed and enjoy your holiday relaxed and worry-free.

All offered accommodations are visited by us in person (or a reputable representative). We document every place we visit; we check, measure and assess the different accessibility levels of each place according to our own extensive checklist. Our expertise in being the specialist in ‘disability travel’ in the region makes it possible to give you in-depth advice on accommodation details.



  • Ground floor Facilities
  • Wheelchair Ramp
  • Accessible Lift
  • Toiletries


  • Grab rail
  • Shower Chair

Since the most part of the safari will be spend in the safari vehicle for game viewing, our special safari jeeps meet the assistance the accessible safari needs. Due to national parks rough terrain you will drive through in 4×4 (4 wheel drive) closed vehicles with ramp, extra (removable) steps on the side of the vehicle allowing easier access.

For those guests that cannot make the transfer from their own wheelchair into a normal car seat and therefore need to remain seated in their own wheelchair during driving, we have specially adapted safari vehicles that ensure extra safety whilst being on the road.

Specially designed access ramps will make a smooth entrance into the safari vehicle. Inside, the vehicle surface has a flooring system that works in conjunction with universal wheelchair and occupant restraint (locking) systems; equipped with a rail surface and a 4-point restraint system. An extra strap belt can be arranged for those passengers in the wheelchair to ensure more stability and safety while driving.

Unfortunately Africa has a lack of much-needed mobility equipment and aids in place for those with limited mobility. It can occur we may encounter some accessibility issues at the places we visit on the way.

However, we are here to take care of your needs and where needed to remove/avoid the obstacles. Doing so by providing our own mobility equipment to use at the places we stop or overnight. We can offer wheelchairs, commode chairs (in height adjustable), shower stools (foldable) and more. Also we can arrange other products, such as a beach buggy (for beach holidays), a wheelchair raincoat or extra strap belts (if you need extra support when seated in a vehicle seat or in a wheelchair).

Please inform us during the booking process of the required mobility equipment and we will arrange for your equipment to be there when you need it.

Being the safari specialist for people with limited mobility, we comprehend that some of our travel members may face difficulties performing Activities of Daily Living. We consider Activities of Daily Living as routine activities individuals perform every day that allow them to live and function independently.
Some of our guests, particularly those who are disabled or elderly, may have a difficult time completing these tasks independently, and receiving the proper level of assistance helps them to maintain their independence.
Obviously, if any companion you may be travelling with can offer you the needed assistance, externally arranged additional travel support can be reduced to a minimum or even be left out. However, in some occasions it might be convenient to have someone traveling with you to assist with the basic tasks.
To make your safari experience a success, a travel member’s ability to perform Activities of Daily Living is important to determine if and what type of assisted travel support that is required. As a guideline we require all our safari guests to be able to perform individually (or with the help of a travel companion). the Activities of Daily Living shown on the image right.
We are glad to be of help in case assistance needs to be arranged externally. Via our carefully selected partner network we can offer different services in terms of Assisted Travel Support and ADLs Assistance. We can connect you with people who can accompany you on safari as you’re:

  • Personal caregiver (non-medical services): Personalized, compassionate attention providing basic ADLs (eating, bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting and mobility assistance).
  • Nurse aid / nurse (medical services, licensed/registered): Acts as a personal caregiver, only with a home health / medical background providing ‘patient attendance’, basic and/or skilled care (i.e. urinary catheter changes, wound care, injections, etc.).
  • Doctor (medical services, licensed/registered): An experienced English speaking doctor personally accompanying you throughout the entire safari.
  • Medical interpreter / translator (extra support): Where language may be a challenge, an interpreter/translator can come in handy (to avoid potential language barriers). Additionally, the following (non-)medical extra support services can be provided for you too.
  • Medical advice (back-up medical services): Provides emergency medical advice from highly qualified medical staff (24 hours a day).
  • Air ambulance services (back-up medical services): Provides medical evacuations for patients in serious medical conditions, using both air and ground ambulances.
  • Other specialized services on request (non-medical services, extra support): Missing an assisting service that you do require? Please let us know and we will try to arrange your special request.

NB: During the booking process it is vital you pre-notify us of the assistance requirements you will need so we have sufficient time to make arrangements and can make sure we are ready with the right person to be there to assist you.

Accessible Safari & Beach holidays


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