Senior Citizen Safari 

Our Senior Citizen safari to Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda offer varying degrees of access, accessibility, creature comforts, and wildlife experiences. Every Opportunity is taken to personalize every wildlife experience with accessible National Park experiences especially created for Senior Citizen.

With modern facilities, automobiles, fast planes, Senior Citizens can have a memorable African Safari. We have rich experience of not only putting together memorable safari experiences for young people, but we have handled Senior citizen safari  from all over the world who came to East Africa for activities like game drives safari in Tanzania and Kenya as well as gorilla tracking in the famous Bwindi Impenetrable forest to guided nature walks in the parks with wild animals and birds.

Activities for Seniors Citizen in East Africa:

TANZANIA & KENYA: Senior Citizen Safari: We design senior Citizen safari, to meet our guest’s specifications and individual requirements. For example if you have difficulty walking or have an aversion for long road trips, need frequent comfort stops or have dietary restrictions, we’ll accommodate your needs.

UGANDA: Senior Citizen Gorilla and Chimpanzee Tracking: Gorilla Tracking can be done in both Uganda and Rwanda. Gorilla Tracking can range from easy to difficult, we will arrange for a group that meets your fitness level.  Some Gorilla Groups only take 2 to 3 hours to track while others take 5 hours or longer. Call it Gorilla Tracking or Trekking – it is worth the cost of the permits and no one complains when they have completed their Trek, they are simply in a state of awe.

African safari is an ideal place for rest, relaxation and contemplation. The only physical effort that is required is to enjoy being surrounded by incredible scenery, listening to birdsong, looking out for passing animals while reading a book or sipping on a refreshing drink. And when you go on a game drive, just sit back and let our expert guides escort you around the reserve in comfortable open top safari vehicles tracking the Big Five, identifying the birds and in most cases, getting you right up close to the animals.

Senior Citizen Safari&Zanzibar holidays


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