Tanzania North-west Safari Circuit

Tanzania Northwest Safari Circuit

Tanzania North-east safari circuit is a large and diverse region to the south of Lake Victoria in Tanzania.

Given the richness of adjacent regions, the fabulous safari areas of Tanzania North, the remote jewels of Tanzania West and the lush mountains of Rwanda, it comes as some surprise to find how little there is of interest in this north-west corner of Tanzania.

The main town of Mwanza, on the southern shore of Lake Victoria, may have some interesting pockets, but usually only comes into our field of vision when talking to expats who are working there on various projects.

Rubondo Island About 80% of the park is covered by a dense forest thus providing a variety of habitats to wildlife ranging from savannah, open woodland, papyrus swamps to dense forest. These habitats form a home for various wild creatures such as sitatunga, bushbucks, velvet monkeys, genet cats, spotted necked otters, hippopotamus and crocodiles which share the ecological niches with introduced species such as chimpanzees, elephants, giraffes, black and white colubus monkeys, suni and African grey parrots. The park is famous by holding a variety of migratory birds from different parts of the world and some birds native to the area are in Emin Pasha Gulf with the African fish eagles distinctly appreciated.

Those few people who do visit this Tanzania Northwest region usually do so in combination with the adjacent Tanzania North region, including Serengeti safari, Ngorongoro safari, Tarangire safari and Lake Manyara safari.

Some visitors also combine with options further afield including Mount Kilimanjaro treks in the northeast of the country. Ruaha safari and Selous safari to the south, Katavi safari and Mahale Mountains chimpanzee safari out west, Maasai Mara safari over the border in Kenya and Virunga Mountains gorilla safari over in Rwanda.