Tanzania trekking Adventures

Tanzania Trekking Adventures offer the most exhilarating trekking  adventures to mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Mount Kenya, Oldonyo Le Ngai mountain and Ngorongoro Highlands. Our mountain trekking team take pride in giving you a highly personalized service with the best value for money.

Tanzania Trekking Adventures give you trips that are life-changing, and as much of a challenge as you want.  You learn a lot about yourself as well as learning about the rest of the world.

Undertaking one of our trips will enrich your life and encourage personal growth. You’ll also have the opportunity to enrich the lives of those whose cultures we visit.  Dahlia Africa Travel LTD donate medications and sponsor education to help families advance. We always pay and treat our porters and Guides fairly.

We offers trekking adventures to beautifully sublime and culturally rich experiences on the planet. Trek through remotely isolated ethnic and cultural villages situated in the foothills of the mountains and travel to far-off destinations at winsome valleys and regions that offer a unique perspective on both natural and cultural semblance of the country.

Promise from our Tanzania Trekking Team

Dear, we guarantee that you’ll receive exceptional service. Your safety, fitness and enjoyment are our top priorities. We can customize trips for all, We also offer, women only trips as well as trips for families or other specific needs.


Brian Temu

Group Managing Director

Dahlia Africa Travel Group





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