Types of Tours

Dahlia tours&safaris Tours provide all the exciting locations, activities, adventures and attractions that come with a holiday. Our types of tours make it even easier to find a tour that suits your travel style, from luxury to food and wine, culture, adventure, enthusiasm, romance and more.

These tours range from Wildlife adventures to photography trips, sunset sails and traditional African safaris. Each tour allows participants to see a unique aspect of what it is like to travel to Africa. Many of these tours allow the participants freedom to customize the tours to highlight aspects of the activities and most interest adventures, our tours accommodate various ages of participants.

Tanzania is the better place to discover the great outdoors tours than any other place in Africa. Our Active tours allow customers to choose the level of activity, from hiking scenic trails to more adventurous pursuits, African Dahlia Tours&Safaris designed for all levels of adventure and with optional activities, you can tailor your ideal trip with us to your level of fitness and budget.

Optional activities range from glacier trekking in scenic trails of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Meru, hiking to Usambara mountains, wildlife viewing in word’s famous Tanzania group of National parks, photographic activities, short and long distance cycling, biking, Kilimanjaro marathon, hunting, birding, activities in tropical beaches, great lakes, hot springs, Chagga caves, waterfalls, diving with dolphins, swimming, fishing, historical activities, Hot air balloon ride and many other activities which remain virtually untouched by outsiders, many of which don't even make it onto any websites, as yet. Tanzania, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you choose a camping or hotel based tour, you have everything you need to enjoy the ultimate group or private multi activity adventure.

Due to vastness of our tours and packages and the fact that we specialized in tailor made tours it is not possible to mention all here. bellow is just overview.

tours types

tours typestours types