Walking tours

Walking tours

African Dahlia Tours & Safaris walking tours offers a world of hiking and cultural experiences.  From the world famous trails in Tanzania. The guided hiking vacations are exotic, exciting and unforgettable. Tanzania is the home to some of the finest hiking, walking and trekking on Earth. The mountains range, steep and gentle areas provide a spectacular setting for exploring both on trail and off. The areas contains bio-diverse rainforest where trails quickly become overgrown, Colorful traditions and diverse cultures offer a glimpse into another world far from the fast pace of modern African life. We invite you to join us for a hiking and walking holiday in Tanzania

You will discover the real Africans by getting to the very heart and soul of the remote places you visit in Tanzania. It is not just gaze across the Ngorongoro crater, hike through it and it highlands; you will see Africa's wildlife up close.

Probably there’s nowhere else on earth that offers the spectacular diversity you'll discover in Ngorongoro Highland trekking; stunning natural scenery, challenging and rewarding activities plus encounters with some of the world's most colourful cultures and wildlife.

Imagine, Ngorongoro highland trekking offer an incredibly varied landscape of mountains, lakes, craters and it is best enjoyed on foot. For those with a passion for walking or trekking, or simply those with an extra taste for adventure, our trekking holidays in this great riftvaley highland are the perfect choice. If you ask virtually any of our tour leaders and most of our travellers to name their favourite activity on tour, the walks and hikes in the Ngorongoro highlands wilderness areas invariably rank first.

The Highlands redefines the Ngorongoro experience. Set on the edge of the mountain forest hugging the Olmoti volcano to the north of Ngorongoro Crater, The Highlands strikes a perfect balance between a true wilderness experience and a high-style, contemporary escape.

Experience the highlands of the wild Ngorongoro Conservation Area surrounding camp, home to leopard, buffalo, elephant and wildebeest.  Follow ancient Maasai trails to the summit of the Olmoti crater and visit local communities to catch a glimpse into the traditional Maasai way of life that has defined this corner of East Africa for centuries. The famous Ngorongoro Crater is easily accessible from camp, while the setting ensures maximum privacy, a rich adventure and a range of activities not possible elsewhere in Ngorongoro.


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