15 Days Tanzania Motorbike Tour

Day 1: Arrival in Arusha

Meet and greet from Dahlia Africa Motorbike Tanzania staff from any airport, you will be taken to the lodge for refreshing. Later, you will meet the bikes for personal adjustment and trial. In the evening, you will be taken to Arusha's famous street for a dinner barbecue (vegetarian meals also available). On this evening, Motorbike Tanzania will give a briefing for the days' activities. After dinner, you will be taken around for a drink if you're interested. If not, you will return to the lodge for a restful night.

  • Accommodation: Mount Meru Hotel

Day 2: Arusha to Lake Chala

After breakfast, you will leave Arusha and diverge to a goat trail to the north up to Mount Meru forest where you will have a stop for a nice view of Mount Meru and Arusha City. The ride will pass over gravels and newly tarmac roads which will take you near the Tanzanite Mining Shafts in Simanjiro District.Refueling at the small Maasai town shift before getting to a hidden gem, Hot Oasis, for a swim and lunch break. This ride will give you a nice view of Kilimanjaro Mountain as you are rotating Mount Kilimanjaro anticlockwise. You will arrive at Lake Chala in the evening for dinner and a campfire while enjoying cold drinks.

  • Accommodation: Special Campsite set by our team.
  • Distance: 220 kilometers / 136 miles
  • Travel duration: 8 hours
  • Terrain: Dirt road, gravels, rocky, sandy, and forestry trails

Day 3: Lake Chala to Same

After breakfast, you will have time for walking down the lake and have an optional morning swim. After that, you will leave the lodge heading south to the Pare Mountains, riding along a curved easy dirt road. After a lunch break stop, you will head to the transboundary Lake Jipe and then leave the lake and start heading uphill to Pare Mountain with a nice view of the small towns and villages downhill.

As you head to the motel, you will be riding downhills along dirt roads with lots of sharp corners. This day is much of trail for the next day's ride which is more intense. The motel at Same has spectacular views of the South Pare Mountains and because of its location, it is the ideal gateway to Mkomazi National Park, the South Pare Mountains, and Shengena Forest.

  • Accommodation: Special Campsite set by our team.
  • Distance: 120 kilometers / 74 miles
  • Travel duration: 6 hours
  • Terrain: Dirt road, up and down hills

Day 4: Same to Lushoto Highlands (Mambo Village)

After breakfast, you will explore through the range of the eastern Pare Mountains where you will ride down to the southern ranges. There are no tarmac roads here at all. The trail goes through virgin savannah up and about to Lake Kalimawe which is surrounded by rice plantations and small villages. The ride continues adjacent to the area of Mkomazi National Park on the slopes.After your lunch break, you will start to explore the Usambara Mountains, small villages of Mnazi and Mlalo, and palm forests. You are going to ride on the zigzag road up the Usambara Mountains at Mtae (Mambo Village) over 2,300 meters above sea level which offers unique views over the region. This is a big day of riding and you will be tired at the end of this adventure, you will surely deserve a cold beer and a rest.

  • Accommodation: Special Campsite set by our team.
  • Distance: 190 kilometers / 118 miles
  • Travel duration: 7 hours
  • Terrain: Sandy, hilly, and stony trails

Day 5-6: Lushoto Highlands to Pangani

Experience amazing views on a downhill descent from Lushoto. This ride will give you spectacular views on a zigzag trail. While heading to Pangani, you will take a ferry and later arrive at your beachside lodge for a very relaxing stay filled with massages and unwinding. Day 6 will be a full day stay at the beachside lodge.

  • Accommodation: Mikes Beach Cottages
  • Distance: 200 kilometers / 124 miles
  • Travel duration: 7 hours
  • Terrain: Downhills, zigzag roads, loose gravels, and tarmac

Day 7: Pangani to Maasai Steppe

The Maasai Steppe Conservancy is located between the Tarangire National Park and the Simanjiro Plains within the Northern Safari Circuit. Safari in the Maasai Steppe provides a wonderfully varied experience for people wanting a combination of wildlife viewing, walking, and an authentic "un-canned" cultural experience with the Maasai.

The Maasai Steppe is a vibrant and important ecological stronghold for the wildlife and people of northern Tanzania. Nearly 92% of this critical ecosystem is designated Maasai village lands where livestock husbandry represents the primary livelihood. Maintaining healthy rangelands is critical to both the Maasai people and the wildlife dependent on this arid environment.

  • Accommodation: Special Campsite set by our team.
  • Distance: 280 kilometers / 173 miles
  • Travel duration: 8 hours
  • Terrain: Loose gravels and tarmac

Day 8-9: Maasai Steppe to Tarangire

This is a unique opportunity to experience and explore the Tarangire and Manyara ecosystem. A visit to the area is essential for anyone interested in evolution and the origins of mankind and an explanation of the Rift Valley and Africa's big picture. It is a complete semi-desert experience focusing on game drives. Day 9 will be a full day of game drives in Tarangire National Park.

  • Accommodation: Special Campsite set by our team.
  • Distance: 150 kilometers / 93 miles
  • Travel duration: 7 hours
  • Terrain: Gravel trails, rocky, dusty, and sandy

Day 10: Tarangire to Lake Eyasi

After breakfast, you will be leaving the lodge, riding on the Rift Valley escarpment towards the Hadza community. The Hadza are hunters and gatherers in East and Southern Africa.

  • Accommodation: Special Campsite set by our team.
  • Distance: 240 kilometers / 149 miles
  • Travel duration: 7 hours
  • Terrain: Good dirt trail, some sand, and dust

Day 11 to 12: Lake Eyasi to Karatu

This trip will take you back to Karatu to experience a visit to Ngorongoro Crater Park which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There is a vast majority of wildlife in the crater and this will be an unforgettable ride. Day 12 will be a full day crater visit.

  • Accommodation: Special Campsite set by our team.
  • Distance: 240 kilometers / 149 miles
  • Travel duration: 7 hours
  • Terrain: Good dirt trail, some sand, and dust

Day 13: Karatu to Lake Natron

This trip will take you east along winding dirt trails away from the lush area surrounding the mountain and out into the savannah scenery of the Maasai plains. You will ride towards the wall of the Great Rift Valley at the base of which stands the mighty volcano which last erupted in the 1970s. It is revered by the Maasai as the home of Ngai, their god. It's almost perfect cone looms over an area of astonishing barren beauty. At the foot of the mountain, there is an area of rocky desert. Here, you will find the cones of a small extinct volcano and Lake Natron, a huge soda lake that stretches up to the Kenyan border. Flamingoes come here to breed and in the late afternoon sun, the colorful flamingo colonies make a spectacular sight, adding a dash of color against the shimmering water.

  • Accommodation: Special Campsite set by our team.
  • Distance: 240 kilometers / 149 miles
  • Travel duration: 7 hours
  • Terrain: Good dirt trail, some sand, and dust

Day 14: Lake Natron to Arusha

This ride can be taken on hardcore route of Monduli or an easier route. You will ride through rolling country with scrub and scattered thorn trees and you will see colorful Maasai herding their cows and goats. You may also see antelope and zebra, and if you are lucky, perhaps a predator. You will ride on loose gravel and a little sand which is fun and later, you'll find a well-maintained dirt road which leads to Longido village where you'll meet the tarmac road and ride to Arusha. You will arrive there in the early evening and you will be taken to your hotel.

  • Accommodation: Mount Meru Hotel
  • Distance: 240 kilometers / 149 miles
  • Travel duration: 7 hours
  • Terrain: Good dirt trail, some sand, and dust


Day 16: Departure

Departure will depend on your flight time versus airport. If in Nairobi, you will leave very early with a good breakfast at the lodge or with a breakfast box. From other airports, Motorbike Safari Tanzania will link you with the timings. Transfers will be on time to catch your flights.


What's included

  • Personal meet and greet services
  • Bike, fuel, and guide (Honda XLR 250cc)
  • Basic spares, tools, and first-aid kit
  • Professional experienced English-speaking guide and full-time mechanic
  • Support vehicle and safari Jeep (pop up roof)
  • Private transfers
  • 13 nights' accommodation
  • 3 daily meals
  • Soft drinks and bottled water during the day
  • Third-party motorbike insurance in case of accidents or property damage
  • All park fees, entry fees, and government taxes

 What's not included

  • Driver / guide gratuities
  • Personal travel and medical insurance
  • Medical expenses in case of evacuation
  • Visas and vaccinations
  • International flights
  • Drinks / laundry (unless specified)
  • Riding gear
  • Motorbike damage insurance (150 USD to cover up to 300 USD worth of damage)
  • Expenses in case of emergency evacuation service


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