Night Game Drive

Night Game Drive Adventures

This is the ultimate ‘un-cruise’, getting to the heart of African wildlife Inside Tarangire National park, Lake Manyara National Park or Serengeti National Park in a way that View of nocturnal animals; leopards, hippos, porcupines, genets, civets, bush babies and lots more. Also a sensory experience listening to the night sounds and learning more about the African stars. Night Game Drives are held just outside the park gates at the Serengeti and Tarangire. A successful night game drive, with several good viewings of wildlife can be very rewarding.

Night game drive just got more exciting in Lake Manyara National Park is unique to the National Parks in East Africa where Night Drive is allowed inside the park.

Lake Manyara is the ideal location for this activity because of its many ecosystems. It is said to have 11 different systems; with the lake, the rift valley cliffs, ground water forest, Ngorongoro highlands and the dry Tarangire system all close by – the area is a melting pot for all types of animals and plants. Manyara National Park have good reliable water year round and animals here are in prime condition making wildlife viewing even better. The lesser-seen animals are generally active at night and Lake Manyara National Park is full of them!

Lake Manyara is well known for a large number of Leopards and although it is not a common occurrence these elusive cats are spotted on a regular basis. Lion sightings are more common and where lions are mostly sleeping in day time at night they are almost always active! These cats can be seen in Acacia woodlands and savanna areas where the drive will go through later in the evening.