Mount Kilimanjaro Kilema Route Bicycle Summit

Kilema Route Bicycle Summit Variations:

      • 6 Days Kilema Route.
      • 5 Days  Kilema Route.

Mountain bike Kilimanjaro

Biking up Kilimanjaro is a new exciting Adventure summit to the roof of Africa and to date only few mountain bikers have ever managed to successfully bike up Kilimanjaro on mountain bikes. Of these, only a small number made it to the summit unassisted, by cycling, pushing or even carrying their bikes during some stages, without any assistance from our porters or guides, before starting a mighty roller coaster ride of 3 000m downhill cycling.

This activity provides physical exercise and recreational use of the natural environment with minimum impact while enhancing visitors’ experience. Summit bound visitors will use Kilema route (19km) and cyclists will meet their porters at Horombo and continue to the summit. For non-summit bound visitors, cycling starts from Londorosi gate or from Morum Picnic Site then back to Morum (a 44km ride)

In these adventures you will enjoy biking from rain forest to summit zones 5000m plus and its one of life time adventures which can be done in Tanzania holidays among many more to do! Kilimanjaro Biking Tour.

Price: From USD. 2,650 pp    |       

The minimum days  for this route is five, although the probability of successfully reaching the top in that time period is quite low.

Price: From USD. 2,450pp    |       

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