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Tanzania North safari Circuit is arguably the greatest in Africa, travelling by light aircraft, by road and on foot through a wonderful region which offers visitors an intense and magnificent journey with a vast range of different experiences including spectacular volcanic landscapes, incredible wildlife and fascinating tribal cultures.

The Northern Tanzania region is headlined by the Serengeti, the mother of all safari areas, home to a vast wildebeest and zebra migration and other prodigious wildlife viewing.

The region also contains cluster of further reserves including the volcanoes of Ngorongoro, the Rift Valley lakes of Manyara, Eyasi and Natron, as well as the more subtle landscapes of Tarangire.

Because these reserves are so closely clustered together, the area has traditionally been visited by travelling overland from one to the next, with a private vehicle and driver-guide, which really does give you the freedom to explore and provides a uniquely engaging style of safari.

Tanzania North is an absolutely magnificent safari area, a place which we adore. It is one of those few areas which we could easily recommend it to virtually everyone; it is simply somewhere that you have to visit at some stage in your safari career.

But getting a trip right can be a very complicated business. Despite the magnificence of the region, a remarkably high proportion of visitors end up having a relatively poor quality safari experience, simply flogging up and down the main road regardless of the seasonal.

Traffic is the main potential negative. For most of the year 10% of the land area hosts over 90% of the visitor traffic and significant and distasteful vehicle clustering does occur. But if you divert just a few kilometers off this main drag, then you really can find yourself out on your own.

There is also a very wide range of accommodation in the area and choosing exactly the right mix of lodges and camps will be crucial to ensuring the quality, breadth and authenticity of your safari.

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