Tanzania Southern Circuit Safari

Tanzania Southern Circuit safari

Tanzania southern circuit safari is absolutely wonderful part of the world, a great place to explore, with some magnificent wildlife reserves and some fascinating landscapes, rural areas and towns in between.

But it remains relatively little visited, primarily because of the greater allure of the Northern Parks, meaning this part of the world is generally best suited to repeat visitors to the country, or travellers who are lucky enough to be able to include both areas.

Tanzania South is a fascinating and relatively little-visited region of Tanzania, one which experiences as little as 20% of the visitor traffic of the much more famous safari areas to the North of the country.

The region features two major wildlife reserves, Ruaha and Selous, which are certainly amongst the very top rank of parks in Africa.

Unlike the North of the country, these southern parks are far apart from one another and are usually best combined by means of a flying safari, which usually leads to an easier and more relaxing safari experience, more purely focused on wildlife but perhaps not containing quite the same breadth of landscape, wildlife and cultural experiences.

It is also possible to explore the area by means of an overland safari, but the some of the journeys between key locations can be relatively arduous and involve a lot of main road miles. Also, the other reserves and places of interest along the way are all relatively low key. But although these overland trips are relatively rare, they can also be great fun for real Africa enthusiasts, we are more than happy to help put them together.


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