International Students Study Tour 2016 (ISST)

International Students Study Tour (ISST) is more for students, young generation  and volunteers, We understand that, parents may want to send their kids to places that are real, and we believe, so far Africa, Tanzania is very real.

With Ubuntu foundation, we will Create Volunteer opportunities in the region. Real volunteer in remote locations, there are many places we can place the kids for short and long volunteering programs. We have apprenticeships in schools, Hospitals, Aids camps, women micro-finance and disadvantage kid’s homes etc. we will create lifetime adventure that is exiting but controlled. Parents may want their children to get to know what is happening in the real word and for that they need to come down to earth and find out that life is a bit harsh for the rest of the people.

We assured the parents that with Dahlia tours&safaris the kids will be taking care of, as well as ensuring your children are never bored, our tour leaders will take care of all the driving and logistics, so that they arrive fresh, informed and ready to explore. We prefer waiting for a big group so as to minimize the cost burden off the parents. Your kid will leave all the hassles up to us and spend his/her time relaxing and enjoying all the amazing places and activities in Tanzania.

For that is easy, we have done some scouting and we planned the routs to the National Parks and keeping a responsible person(s) with them at all times. They can take vacation from 15, 20, 25, 30, 45 or 90 days twice a year

Another option is to create a trip to Kilimanjaro, but this will be a hit and need fewer kids per group up, but it will be low cost and work on a minimum of 15 kids/group.

100% of the profit received from these students/volunteers tours will go direct to finance the different community projects held by Ubuntu foundation in health, education, cultural, women empowerment, communities’ capacity building and lively hood.