Tanzania Coast Safari Circuit

Tanzania Coast Safari Circuit

Tanzania Coast Safari Circuit is a wonderful area of tropical white-sand beaches, swaying palm trees, thatched villages, historic Swahili ports and magnificent marine life, islands stretching for 675km from Kenya in the north to Mozambique in the south.

It is important to realize that this Indian Ocean coast here is not all about beaches; it is also a fascinating cultural experience, being home to the Swahili people, descendants of the Arab traders who have dominated this coast since the tenth century.

The vast majority of visitors coming to Tanzania for safari or trekking also head down to the coast at some point to enjoy the classic 'bush and beach' combination for which the country is so well known.

The region provides a stark contrast to the safari areas inland, with a completely different set of cultures, climates and landscapes. It really is necessary to the coast if you are to gain an understanding of the country as a whole. We divide the Tanzania coast into eight separate areas, each of which has its own special character and reasons to visit. We start with the offshore islands, before moving on to the mainland coast.


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