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Tailor Made Safari to Carter your needs, taste and preferences:

Travelers must make sure they make the most out of time in Tanzania, seeing everything that you want to and more. By creating a tailor-made safari to Tanzania, you have the opportunity to truly create your own personalized safari holiday.

Safaris costs depend on your specific requirements and can vary hugely depending on your standard of accommodation, number of days you wish to travel and the time of year you want to go.

Each safari we design in unique and those found on our website are to be used as a guide, or inspiration for your very own personalized safari.

Catch Up Handy:

Dahlia tours Tanzania safari packages and tours focus on exploring the great outdoors and getting close to the indigenous wildlife of Tanzania. Our Tanzania safari have been developed to maximize the chances of seeing as much wildlife as possible and will include activities or specific locations with this aim in mind. Whether it's Budget or Luxury traveler our itineraries are designed give you the best chance for those close encounters.

Into the Wild

Our Tanzania Safari will take you further off the beaten track, spending more time in key locations where animal spotting is more frequent and generally where there are less people and travelers. Our driver/guides are experienced and have contact with the National Park Rangers and local experts to understand the latest information on recent sightings. Some of our Tanzania Safari simply visit destinations that are renowned for their abundance of culture, people, flora, fauna and nature where you can expect to see an array of wildlife.

Our Tanzania Safari styles

Here is an overview of the different safari styles available in Tanzania. We can combine many of these safari styles in a tailor-made safari or you can book some of these into a standard safari. Travelling in a 4×4 safari vehicle with a pop-up roof is the classic safari style. Our vehicles fit a maximum of 7 guests, each will have a window seat. These vehicles are fitted with seatbelts for each passenger, a 40l fridge with water and a plug point for charging cell phones and cameras.

Get up close with some incredible Tanzania Safari experiences with your local experts.


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