Why Tanzania



Best Safari Destination in Africa

Tanzania is famed for its wealthy bio-diversity and it is the home to very large proportion of the world’s wild life. With numerous landscapes to explore; abundant national parks, volcanic rock fields and serene cloud forests and unmatched life, it's really a nature lover’s paradise for African safari goers.
Tanzania is that the higher place to find the nice outdoors tours than the other place in African continent. Our Active tours enable customers to settle on the extent of activity, from hiking scenic trails to a lot of courageous pursuits, Dahlia tours&safaris  itineraries designed for all levels of journey and with elective activities, you'll tailor your ideal trip with us to your level of fitness and budget.
We invite you to find the gorgeous Tanzania, a rustic wealthy in culture, traditions and adventures around each corner of this beautiful country.

Adventure Diversity

Optional activities vary from ice mass trekking in scenic trails of Kilimanjaro mountain peak, Meru mountain, hiking at Ngorongoro highlands, Usambara mountains range, wildlife viewing in word’s notable Tanzania cluster of National parks, photographic activities, short and long distance athletics, biking, mountain peak marathon, hunting, birding, activities in tropical beaches, Great Lakes, hot springs, Chagga-Maasai war caves, waterfalls, diving with dolphins, swimming, fishing, historical activities, Hot air balloon ride and plenty of different activities that stay nearly untouched by outsiders, several of that don’t even build it onto any websites, as yet, there’s one thing for everybody to fancy.

Foods, culture & Traditions

Treat your taste buds to the flavors and traditions of Tanzania cookery, together with Ugali, Makande, chapati, matoke by mentioning few, attempt native restaurants, the national dish, learn and skill the national 123 tribes culture and native language, yet as National Official language of Bantu and far, abundant more! What are you waiting for? Plan and Explore Tanzania nowadays with Dahlia tours&safaris.

So Much in Tanzania, So Little Time, Hakuna Matata!